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Hello Stranger!

My name is Jesper Skov. I'm 37 years of age and have a Master's degree in Software Engineering from AAlborg University, Denmark.

I am a buildmeister/toolsmith at heart: Understanding, analyzing, tinkering with, and, in particular, improving the tools used in the software developer's trade has always been an interest of mine.

Currently I am working at Jyske Bank, the 3rd largest bank in Denmark.

I spend most of my time developing and maintaining the build infrastructure and development tools for some 80 Java Enterprise developers.

With this blog, I hope to pave the ground for an exchange of knowledge and code with other buildmeisters and toolsmiths.

Before I started at Jyske Bank, I worked at Systematic doing pretty much the same. And I have solved many similar problems at both places.

Clearly, as I see it, there is a need for exchange of experience and code for solving common problems in the context of build and development tools.

Or, if this is old hat and everyone else have been exchanging buildmeister and toolsmith gems in some corner of the Internet I do not frequent, please let me know where it is. I need to know. Badly.

If you dabble in the same area of expertise, please consider creating your own blog so we can exchange knowledge and solutions. If there is more than one or two blogs on the issue, we should probably start a blogplanet.

Whether you intend to start your own blog, comment on my postings, or just lurk: Welcome!

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